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In theory, this could cut out the mystery of who would be a safe bet to attempt conversation with, and should provide a higher chance of snagging that date confirmation!...

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Still, I think the problem is more that your time zone is still set for UAE and hasn't been updated to reflect being in Singapore now, so every so often Windows will check in with some time server on the Internet, get the proper time for the time zone you have set, and make sure the two match. But in the example given by the OP, the difference is exactly 1 day (24 hours). Kees Try disabling the automatic internet synchronisation in windows and disable the automatic daylight savings adjustment, but leave the incorrect time shut down and restart the computer and change the time and date in BIOS....

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Jewish claims to this land are based on the biblical promise to Abraham and his descendants, on the fact that the land was the historical site of the ancient Jewish kingdoms of Israel and Judea, and on Jews’ need for a haven from European anti-Semitism....

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They also worked together on Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers....

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For example serial 5 - 300000 was given to a government minister in the opening party of the new factory in 1975....

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