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And please...share your favorite hidden beauty gems with us!

It’s not updated nearly enough, but Australia’s Fashionising loves models, and they feature tons of model hair.

Not so much in beauty--it's usually a whole lot of humans giving us smoldering looks with impossibly flowy hair. Paul & Joe Beauté, the quirky-cute French label, is celebrating its 10 year anniversary with a makeup collection entirely devoted to kitties.

It’s like the circle of life Symba, only eternally tied to 0-a-month title payments in a cyclical consumerist hell. well, you can probably guess what a song called “Your Body” is about.

“Wasted Time” sounds like something off the Tron soundtrack, and its message of how the most precious moments in life are the ones when you’re not doing shit makes it the perfect ode to the sloth of modern escapism.

In other words, Urban only went electronic when it became the most mainstream and safe thing to do in country music.

spends the majority of its time trying to get laid, and elucidating on a very narrow window of life Keith Urban is 30 years removed from.

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Carrie Underwood’s presence can’t help “The Fighter,” which sounds like something from The Backstreet Boys circa the 90’s synth resurgence era.

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